This is possibly one of the most crazy new websites on the Internet. I present – a site where you can text other road users using their registration plate… what a great way to express your love, annoyance, road rage for that pillock in the Corsa. The author makes it very clear that you shouldn’t use your phone while driving, but frankly that’s like providing ashtrays then saying “don’t smoke”. Okay, I’m crap at metaphors but you get the gist.


Went to a careers fair today. If anything, only for the freebies. Philips were offering this green/bluey ball which I couldn’t resist:

The only thing is. I know it does something clever. It has three LEDs inside and some circuitry. I can’t figure out how to activate it though. Bouncing doesn’t seem to work.

Maybe it’s a spy ball…..


I keep wanting to buy a digital camera, and I’m not 100% sure why. I’m sure nobody wants to see my ugly mug so it’s not that. I think it was the brief flurtation with some expensive piece of kit I borrowed a few weeks ago. Odd.


I said to Chris today that Maglev’s actually existed in Japan, to which he replied “that’s bullsh*t – you’re bullsh*tting me”.

Thus, I present Evidence A, B, C and D.

Chris: you smell of wee.


Considering Freeview is now available I might consider getting it. 30 channels for free is quite a good deal – much better than the four we get now (we still don’t get Channel Five down here).

Actually speak of the devil – TV12, the Isle of Wight’s premiere Powerpoint presentation with intermittant programming (viewers will know what this means) lost their license earlier this year, and now appears to have the contract. I can just about receive this (bit fuzzy, but watchable). Can’t get Portsmouth TV though – and I’m closer to them.

On the plusside

I’ve had a better day today (that last post was late last night). A lingering headache cleared, didn’t hit any traffic going to uni today and my lectures made sense (for once).

I’ve just noticed a buildup of cat hair on my mouse. How odd.