Finally, some decent titles

Had a concerned email from a reader today:

"Dear Sven, Why are all your excellent new articles coming up with no
title. You rock. – Simon"

Ok – he may not have written that, but the sentiment was the same. 🙂

Well – the Blogger API (which is what this thing runs on) doesn’t normally
support the Title field. So I’ve now had to create a hack that adds the
<title> tag at the top with the subject line.

… and the reason it’s only just started happening is because I’ve
switched to a home-grown email->weblog client too. Much better!

– Sven

Untitled Post

Robotic traffic cones swarm onto highways

“Herds of robotic traffic cones could soon be swarming onto a highway,
closing down lanes and slowing the traffic.”

Genius! Somebody put their thinking cap on for this. Of course, they’ll
all be pinched by drunken student who’ll then go home and race them 🙂

Untitled Post

Jef Raskin, creator of the Apple Macintosh project, is working on a
project called The Humane Environment (THE).

I’m curious to know whether his approach really is any good. I’m
disappointed there isn’t more of an example of what Jef is trying to
achieve, but he gives a download link – for OS 9/X only.

I found this link through another reference to Raskin, where he apparantly
suggests in his book ‘The Humane Interface’ that having three standard
English words for passwords is as secure as having one cryptic 10-digit
PIN – interesting in itself.

– Sven

OQO Personal Computer

Video is a bit tedious & long, but gives a good impression of this little

Quite a quirky little thing. I like the idea of the device + docking
stations, but the on-board keyboard and mouse look a bit disappointing.

Will be interesting to see how the batteries will perform, and how much
this is priced at.

– Sven

Blogtalk Conference Part Deux

Accepted papers were put online today – my name wasn’t on the list. Still keen to go though – and I now have the paper submitting bug.