Coastline Features in Google Maps

harboursGoogle Maps appears to be promoting coastline features and bodies of water above major cities in its terrain view. Far enough out, you will see harbours and banks; further in the usual littering of cities takes over.

Interesting for the fact somebody has clearly decided this is a better way to help people navigate in this view – maps and satellite views both continue to show cities at all zoom levels.

Separately, while coverage of Street View in the UK continues to grow (large chunk of north-west Scotland, and more motorways), I’m wondering when they’ll get round to adding the photos presumably taken while the cars were in Fareham and Petersfield summer last year…

Freecom Hard Drive Protection

I recently bought a Freecom ‘ToughDrive’ hard disk from eBuyer. It came with some virtual CD drive that automatically installed a Password utility.

Whenever I used other USB drives, the computer locked up. Not sure whether the Freecom software was to blame (it became unresponsive when I tried to reset), but still – I’m a bit of a tidy freak for startup processes, so anything that installs automatically is not likely to make me happier!

Anyway, this website appears to offer a CD removal tool, which should do the trick – just make sure you pay attention to the model number.