Google Assistant on Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (so close…)

I have an ageing Nexus 5 phone. I also have a Nexus 7 (2013) which – incidentally – has been the best tablet I’ve had at a fantastic price and I’m sorely disappointed they’re not making it any more. I digress.

On clicking the link, I get asked to open in Google Assistant… yes please!

Neither of these devices officially supports Google Assistant, the fancy chatbot/AI thing from Google, which is a shame as I do have a Google Home and quite like it.

Various articles online seem to suggest both devices are too old to be supported, which – if true – would be a shame but understandable given the age.

Strangely, it seems to be almost there. It’s even ended up on my phone and tablet. If I click this link on either the phone or tablet (a Google I/O service) I am asked if I want to ‘open in Google Assistant. It seems that any clickable link (you have to click from an existing page) will open this if the URL begins

This is the resource opened in the native Google Assistant app on a Nexus 5

Not that I get far beyond that, but it’s interesting (and frustrating) to know that somewhere beneath the surface and to some degree or other, Assistant is installed.