Blogwise is One Year Old

Blogwise is one today. The past year has gone quickly. Admittedly development of the site has gone a lot slower than I expected, but it IS a hobby so it’s gotten the time that I have to spare, rather than the time I’d like to give it. Anyway, the best news is that I hit 10,000 blogs today – a great achievement imho.

Unfortunately I didn’t get as many hits as I’d hoped for this month (was hoping for 100,000 – got 95,000!) but it’s still up on last month, and every month before, so it’s growing! That said, I did tip 20,000 visitors for the first time this month and have transferred over 5 gigabytes of data (mostly images). I know this is nowhere near the size of the larger sites, Technorati, Eatonweb, etc. but it still makes me very happy inside.

I have been very proud of how well Blogwise has climbed up the ladder though, it’s 15th on the Popdex all-time popular links, eighth on the Technorati Top 100, and is doing quite well on Blogshares (which is down atm 🙁 – it’s also fourth if you search for ‘blog directory’ on Google – which quite a lot of people seem to do.

What’s next? Well, I am definitely committed to developing a more autonomous site, although I still intend to have all sites checked by hand for now. Metadata is going to be playing a very much more important role in the listings (and is already starting to creep in now). I’m also very keen to get logins done asap now – it’s top of my list of priorities, since many other features I expect to roll out will depend on it.

Finally, thanks to everybody who has shown their support for Blogwise – it’s been a great first year and I’m very much looking forward to the second, the third and beyond being even more successful.

New Hobby

I get really sick of computers sometimes – and it’s certainly unhealthy to sit in front of a screen all day, so I’ve decided to expand my horizons and find a new hobby.

Since getting a Pocket DV cam and a camera phone, I’ve developed a liking for photography, so I thought I’d take the plunge and get some "proper" equipment.

Come Monday, this should be mine 🙂


After a chat with others about web browsing the other day, I suddenly realised that I don’t use bookmarks at all. Ever. It’s completely empty.

I’m a creature of habit – I only check a few pages daily and these are all listed here (for convenience only; I can remember the URLs) – this page is my home page all the time!

I think I’ve reached a point where memory and weblog combined have made bookmarks completely redundant for me. Any unusual websites of note I list here – any oft-visited sites I can usually remember. It also helps that I’m getting pretty skilled at using Google to find results quickly and accurately.

Is this common? Are any of you guys finding bookmarks completely redundant now?

Blaine in a Box

Blaine and box comments aside, CNN seem to have a rather one-sided view of the whole event.

If you view the QUICKVOTE results on this page, apparantly 100% think that the event was “A heroic act of strength” and precisely 0 voted for “A stupid publicity stunt”.

I find that very difficult to believe! In fact, I voted for the latter, and my vote hasn’t been recorded – yet in the last five minutes or so another 60 or so people have voted Yes.

Screenshot available here

Top Tunes

Since the beginning of June I’ve been running a little Winamp program, Personal Hit List (sadly deceased now), and I’ve just looked at my top ten played songs:

# Artist Track Count
1 Christina Aguilera Beautiful 9
2 Christina Aguilera Makeover 9
3 Blu Cantrell f. Sean Paul Breathe 9
4 Avril Lavigne Sk8ter Boi 8
5 Pink Feel Good Time 8
6 Christina Aguilera Dirrty 7
7 No Doubt Hella Good 7
8 Gary Jules Mad World 7
9 Stuart Free (Let it Be) 6
10 Goldfrapp Train 6

I’m just a little pop bitch really 😐


My good online friend Simon Kittle has just launched a new company and an interesting product to go with it. The company is Lionkey Technologies and the product is called My Inventories. It is aimed at the homeowner; landlord; tenant, etc. market and is essentially a domestic inventory tracker. Which is very cool.

It looks like a good idea – I wish Simon the best of luck and remind him that by placing this advert on my blog he is legally bound to give me 20% 40% of the earnings.

On the Air

First week of uni has been hectic. I’m a little annoyed about how many last-minute changes there have been to the schedule, but the lectures themselves have been good and very interesting.

The other thing I’m also glad to be back into is the DJing. For those who don’t know I DJ on the local radio station, Surge. Now for some gratuitous advertising 🙂

You can catch Sven on the radio every week, Sundays 1-3pm (The Sunday Show); Mondays 6-7pm (I produce Open Mic) and Tuesdays 8-11pm (Sven, Chris & Em show). All times are BST. Tune in 1287AM in Southampton area, or over the net at

Gratuitous advertising in place, I expect everybody to listen now 🙂

Post from Blogger API

Privacy Online

I keep getting requests for p3p.xml on Blogwise, as well as one or two requests recently for a Privacy Policy to appear on the site (which I agree is quite important).

So, I looked at the W3 P3P page, then ended up running IBM Alphaworks’ P3P Policy editor – this has got to be one of the most complicated bits of beaurocracy I’ve seen in a while!

I think my policy is quite simple – I never re-sell or make public email addresses, they are used as contact points (and shortly, unique logins) in case of problem/update and any stats I make are completely anonymous. Cookies are used to retain user preferences…basically the good innocent use of cookies and emails. 🙂 I have no idea how to encapsulate this in the P3P standard!

Maybe one day I’ll revisit P3P but until then I’m just going to put up a human-readable copy of the above!