Look Around You

For those of you that haven’t seen it, Look Around You was a fairly odd set of 10-minute episodes on BBC Two a while ago, basically mocking the old 80’s-style science programmes that we used to get force-fed in secondary school. Each episode featured a different topic, and was made to feel very authentic.

In fact, if you were completely gullible you could be led to believe they’re serious programmes, but they’re absolutely anything but. The really drab, boring voiceover bloke (so authentic!) reminds the viewer to ‘have your copybooks ready’ for every little experiment, as the on-screen demonstrator proceeds to prove that, by attaching an iron pyramid to the mains and a battery, a pair of scissors will be projected in the sky for a few seconds.

Most of the time, the reaction is ‘what the….?’ – but there seems to be a lot of that lately and it’s normally a good laugh. (if you’ve seen the Armando Iannucci Show you’ll know what I mean!)

Anyway, the real gist of this post is to let you know that the second series begins in early Feb: