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Sven Latham is an IT strategist, business developer and technologist with seventeen years’ experience working with senior managers at companies large and small, across multiple industries and countries.

Sven gets his hands dirty on a lot of projects. This blog will dart around all kinds of technical and non-technical matters. Prepare yourself for anything from programming, information architecture, security, maps, occasional current affairs, business, wine and coffee.

This blog is an outlet for the jeans-and-jumper side of Sven. For the suit-and-tie side, see the company website.

4 thoughts on “About Sven”

  1. Sven,

    I am fascinated by the work that you are doing. I am working for a small non-profit in western Massachusetts trying to obtain some preliminary data about traffic patters around our city. I have taken a liking to your idea of using probe requests to track/count passerby’s. I would love for you to get back to me about your project. I would love to implement this in 12 locations around the city; storing these requests in a SQL database. Id first like to be able to track the movement with the Pi and worry about storing the data at a later time. So shoot me an email! I would love to hear from you.


  2. I am working on a project in which we are trying to track movement using RSSI data. We have set up raspberry pis as wireless access points and are trying to set them up to passively intake wifi packets that contain RSSI data. We know a lot of people have done this with bluetooth but we want to focus on wifi. Do you have any advice on how to configure the raspberry pis to passively intake probe requests and store the RSSI data?

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