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Post-Christmas Blues

Unsuprisingly the Christmas shop in Southampton appears to have closed down. They must’ve had a really short-sighted business plan….

BBC Three


BBC Three is starting with a bang tonight. It’s about 20 minutes in and Johnny Vaughan has been presenting the evening live. Despite a few cockups it’s been good so far (I know twenty minutes isn’t much, but it’s looking promising). It’s been through a lot of hoops to get where it is and good luck to them. Reassuringly they are required to provide 90% UK programming, and are actively required to avoid repeats (in comparison, I believe that a third of ITV programs last year were repeats….).

The opening shows are ‘simulcast’ (shudder) on BBC Two but from tonight it’ll be on digital TV only. I’m considering getting a Freeview receiver shortly, partly because quite a few programs look appealing. Hopefully the quantity won’t compromise quality, but time will tell…

Incidentally Johnny Vegas is very funny, as ever.

Hey, Yentob, can I have my cheque now please?

Out in Portsmouth

So, I went to Portsmouth last night and, in an effort to be at least social for once, decided not to take my car. I was amazed at how expensive public transport is sometimes, and was moved to make a pretty graph:

No wonder people like driving. Although the bus was by far the cheapest option, I had to wait just 30 minutes for it. The buses at around 7pm on a Saturday night are every 40 minutes…..


For no particular reason this was my greatest achievement of the day:


Basically it’s the up/down throughput of my router. I wanted to learn how to use SNMP and this seemed a good a use as any 🙂


If you don’t know already, NASA have lost contact with Columbia about 400,000 feet above the Earth.


I’ve removed the last post that was here, which was about the mission.

PHP Info

Just out of curiosity went to a few sites that use PHP, and tried going to http://their.server/phpinfo.php

The number of people who actually have this file is astounding! I’m sure everybody puts it up for the same reasons – to check their installation, but I wonder if there’s any information on there that’s “handy for hackers” that could really do with not being there?

A quick scan doesn’t reveal much, although I imagine having the path of the users’ home directories might be vaguely useful. If you can think of anything do let me know, I’d be quite interested to find out!

BTW a search on Google throws up a huge number of results!