BBC Three


BBC Three is starting with a bang tonight. It’s about 20 minutes in and Johnny Vaughan has been presenting the evening live. Despite a few cockups it’s been good so far (I know twenty minutes isn’t much, but it’s looking promising). It’s been through a lot of hoops to get where it is and good luck to them. Reassuringly they are required to provide 90% UK programming, and are actively required to avoid repeats (in comparison, I believe that a third of ITV programs last year were repeats….).

The opening shows are ‘simulcast’ (shudder) on BBC Two but from tonight it’ll be on digital TV only. I’m considering getting a Freeview receiver shortly, partly because quite a few programs look appealing. Hopefully the quantity won’t compromise quality, but time will tell…

Incidentally Johnny Vegas is very funny, as ever.

Hey, Yentob, can I have my cheque now please?