Improving boot speed of Raspberry Pi (Jessie)

A quick note for myself:

Raspberry Pi hangs on “a start job is running for lsb no limit” – this is the network interface manager trying to start up its connections. If you have interfaces listed in /etc/networking/interfaces which do not exist, you might see a timeout or delay here.

Solution: create a new file (and possibly folder if needed) in /etc/systemd/system/networking.service.d/reduce-timeout.conf


This will drastically reduce the starting timeout for interfaces. I haven’t tested in detail, but it looks like new interfaces will still load normally after boot.

Worth noting that systemd first looks in /lib/systemd/ for various default configs, then looks in /etc/systemd/ for additional configs, before merging them all. The exact chain of configs as applied can be seen by running systemctl status networking.service


Southern Rail Strikes Dates

GTR operates the Southern rail franchise in England, which covers several counties south of London. They are currently in a dispute with the RMT and ASLEF Unions over on-board roles and responsibilities.

I work with a number of town centres across the affected region and we are interested in seeing the effect of these actions on High Street performance. To achieve this, I have compiled a list of dates and sources. It will be updated as I gather more information, and I welcome contributions.

Disclaimer: This post was last updated on 6 December 2016 and is a work in progress. E&OE. It may not be current and should not be relied upon for planning or other purposes.

Apr 2016

1100 Tue 26 April – 1059 Wed 27 April
RMT strike, 24 hours – Sources: BBC; RMT Website

May 2016

Postponed 1100 Tue 10 May – 1059 Wed 11 May
RMT strike – Source: RMT Website; postponement notice

Postponed 1100 Thu 12 May – 1059 Fri 13 May
RMT strike – Source: RMT Website; postponement notice

0001-2359 Wed 18 May
RMT strike. Was Fri 20 May but brought forward. Sources: Southern Press Office 1 & 2; RMT switch notice

Brought forward 0001-2359 Fri 20 May
RMT strike. Pulled back from two previous 24-hour strikes. Source: RMT Postponement notice

June 2016

0001-2359 Tue 21 June
RMT strike. Sources: Southern press release; BBC; Twitter

July 2016

* Southern began revised timetable from 11 July 2016

Aug 2016

0001 Mon 8 Aug – 2359 Friday 12 Aug [Sources: RMT announcement and calling-off]
RMT Strike suspended at 2200 on Wednesday 10 August. Southern resumed pre-strike timetable on Friday.

Sep 2016

0001 Wed 7 September – 2359 Thu 8 September
RMT Guard strike on Southern [Source: RMT]

Called off 0001-2359 Wed 7 September
RMT Station staff strike across GTR i.e. not specific to Southern [Source: Southern; RMT calling-off]

Oct 2016

0001 Tue 18 October – 2359 Thu 20 October
RMT strike [Source: BBC; RMT]

Nov 2016

0001 Thu 3 November – 2359 Sat 5 November [Source: BBC]
RMT strike

0001 Tue 22 November – 2359 Wed 23 November [Source: BBC]
RMT Guards strike

Dec 2016

0001 Tue 6 December – 2359 Thu 8 December [Source: BBC; RMT]
RMT Guards Strike

Tue 13 December – Wed 14 December [Source: ASLEF]
ASLEF Drivers strike

Fri 16 December [Source: ASLEF]
ASLEF Drivers strike

0001 Mon 19 – 2359 Tue 20 December [Source: RMT]
RMT Guards Strike [changed date, was 22-24 Dec]

Brought forward Thu 22 – Sat 24 December [Source: RMT]
RMT Guards Strike – brought forward to 19-20 Dec

0001 Sat 31 December – 2359 Mon 2 January 2017 [Source: RMT]
RMT Guards Strike

Jan 2017

Mon 9 – Sat 14 ASLEF [confirmed ASLEF website]


Please use the comment form below. Note: This post is not intended for debate on the actions. Comments welcome for date changes, corrections and updates only. All others will be removed.