Links – Mon Jul 16 2007 09:10AM

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Opera Mini 4

Opera Mini 4 for Java capable devices is out in beta. It features a lovely zoom out overview of websites, so I can see the whole of on one screen (you click the area of interest to zoom in).

Downloads at


Sometimes the product doesn’t warrant the packaging… yesterday I received a Micro SD card from Expansys. These things are tiny – in the photo below the card is next to a UK 5p coin (must be just over 1cm diameter?) and it packs a whopping 2Gb.

The real astonishment is the size of the package, which the card is sitting on: a full size Jiffy bag designed for A4-size contents. Putting the two next to each other really demonstrates the difference in size (100fold at least, I’d reckon)

Granted the card came with an SD adapter (unexpected bonus), a bunch of leaflets and the delivery note, but considering the size of the item it does alll seem a little excessive.

As it happens, I’m not about to rush about and accuse Expansys of single-handedly ruining the environment – I laughed when I saw it… but other people might feel differently.