On the Air

First week of uni has been hectic. I’m a little annoyed about how many last-minute changes there have been to the schedule, but the lectures themselves have been good and very interesting.

The other thing I’m also glad to be back into is the DJing. For those who don’t know I DJ on the local radio station, Surge. Now for some gratuitous advertising 🙂

You can catch Sven on the radio every week, Sundays 1-3pm (The Sunday Show); Mondays 6-7pm (I produce Open Mic) and Tuesdays 8-11pm (Sven, Chris & Em show). All times are BST. Tune in 1287AM in Southampton area, or over the net at www.surgeradio.co.uk.

Gratuitous advertising in place, I expect everybody to listen now 🙂