Broadband in the UK

This article from those eagle-eyed watchdogs, Oftel has some interesting details about the UK cost of broadband and unmetered access compared to similar European countries and US states. Interestingly it looks like we have the cheapest general cost for unmetered dialup, and our broadband rate is quite low as well.

I got the chance to speak to a rep from the UK Online for Business project the other day about broadband prospects in the UK, and he was very keen and enthusiastic about mesh networking via Wifi, which are starting to pop up thanks to projects like Arwain, Consume, and <sarky>everybody’s favourite Internet telco, BT</sarky>.

Whose Record of the Year Was It?

Gareth Gates, who won {insert generic pop TV competition here} (I can’t remember), has come top of the 2002 Record of the Year competition.

Shurely shome mishtake? I believe this is a song originally sung by the Righteous Brothers. Gates’ rendition is strikingly similar to the original – surely they should be awarded the prize and he just get a congratulations for being able to sing – his record company simply seem to go through buying rights to others’ songs, and just adding a new voice to them?

Grrrr. A few of us were chatting last night about all this Pop Idol/Star rubbish – the conclusion being a lot of these people are clearly able to sing, it just comes down to how good they look on stage. Hmmm, sounds familiar?

Celebrations in order (but easy on the cake)

Just checking that a suit I want to wear was okay (no dire white paint marks, etc) and discovered in the process that I’ve actually lost a bit of weight around the waist, and can now fit comfortably into those trousers again without fear of the button popping out.


Tonight was also the marking of a realisation that I am pretty dire at colour coding – black jacket, black trousers, black shoes, white shirt and black tie. I look like a bloody penguin (wanted navy blue tie… or burnt sienna but I had the option of black silk, black “wierd fabric” or gray silk – went for second).

Scary Pictures

Are Melanie Sykes and Des O’Connor taking over ITV1? I’ve switched on the TV every now and again, or seen the TV at uni at lunchtime in the caf and there’s always some chat show with those two. It’s on at lunchtime, then it’s on again in the evening but it feels like they’re always on….scary.

Update: Just found this.


I don’t usually use Google‘s Pagerank as definitive guidance as to popularity to site, but there’s something very satisfying about Blogwise having 7/10. Svenlat and this site are both 5/10 which is also good (see why I don’t think it’s definitive 😉 )