Canals Day Two

We had a short cruise yesterday, with a late start. Managed to cover about nine miles and moored up at the Bubble Inn pub by Stenson Lock #6. Some really horrible weather at times with thunder and hail, but today looks more promising. The boat (The Deblin) is lovely, and very comfortable.

Started off at nine today, and hoping to get a full day’s cruise in.

Canals Day One

And we’re off… set off about 2.30pm from Shardlow towards the four counties. Three locks so far; plenty of hire boats about and after a brief hailstorm the weather has cleared up. Hopefully if my phone works okay you should see the first of many pictures —


Can’t stop … in little over six hours we’re going on the canals again from Shardlow round the Four Counties ring – should be good fun, and I’m going to try a bit of photoblogging too!


This phone supports HSDPA or whatever it’s called. As far as I know that’s faster than 3G data connections. When I first got the phone from vodafone UK it auto-ran a utility that tried to disable HSDPA. Unfortunately (for them) it crashed, so it’s all still enabled on this phone.

The odd thing is that Vodafone clearly support it in places, and the phone connects fine. Perhaps it’s costing me a fortune. Does anybody know why it might be disabled by default?

back to blogging

I’m back – well at least that’s the theory. Armed with a new phone (Vodafone 1605, aka Q-Tech something aka HTC something else; it’s a shapeshifter) I now have a half-decent blogging tool that doesn’t induce RSI from bloody stupid predictive text.

Now to find something to post about…