Akismet spam filtering

Oops – Akismet, Matt & Co’s spam filtering system has a 100% false positive rate at the moment. That is, a legitimate trackback has been marked as spam. Okay, so it’s a sample rate of one so far, and I know it can do a lot better than that 🙂 but it’s a good reminder to check the Akismet queue regularly.

Speaking of trackbacks, I can’t stand the way they’re being integrated with comments. Nothing destroys my concentration more when reading comment discussions than the irritating snippets of text from trackbacks – you only get a brief chunk of commentary, and need to go off to a third party site to read the correspondence. As soon as I find time/a plugin they’re going in a separate list.

WordPress 2.0

I may try switching to WordPress 2.0 some time later this week – expect wonkiness. I’ve already written most of the import script, so the transition should be fairly painless, but the new design (I’m not bothering right away to template) will be a bit of a shock.

Update – if you can read this the upgrade worked and the DNS switched has gone through. Excellent, now I just need to categorise everything.