Human Computer Interface

I know I’m going to need to read this document again when it comes to HCI design at uni. It makes a very good (and reasonable) point about the five most easily accessible points on the screen for a user. That being the point directly under the mouse already; and the four corners of the screen.

This made me think about it a bit and realise a potential problem with Windows 98’s HCI (I haven’t seen this picked up yet on that document but it’s probably been realised somewhere): If you push your cursor right down into the bottom left of the screen and click – it doesn’t work. You actually have to move up and right a bit to get to the Start menu! Once you notice that you begin to realise how annoying it is and how easy it could’ve been to fix! (after all – the X icon in the top right of maximised screens appears to have a padding between it and the edge of the screen but click the corner and it works!).

Does anybody know if this was fixed in XP?