Trick or Treat

The Flowers estate in Southampton is a lovely area. Between walking from Burgess Road and a friend’s house by the school I spotted three cars with windows smashed in. On the way home tonight there were loads of eggs all over the place.

Is it me or are youngsters (I’m talking 11-15 year olds) becoming real bastards recently? Was talking about this to a couple of mates in the pub. Back when we were Year 7 we’d never talk to the Year 11’s. They were huge and daunting and scared the shit out of us. Then – when we were Year 11, the Year 7’s would come up, hurl abuse and generally be little brats. Nowadays, you have 12 year old kids walking around throwing abuse, being general pains in the asses and not respecting anything. Am I the only one to have noticed this?