The Sandstorm Effect

What is it with this current obsession with the ‘sandstorm’ effect jeans that loads of people seem to be wearing nowadays. I know it’s “the in-thing” and “current fashion” but I don’t get the motive to spend goodness-knows-how-much on labels with jeans that look shoddy and in desperate need of a clean.

Can somebody explain?

4 thoughts on “The Sandstorm Effect”

  1. Yeah I totally agree with you. Some fashion victims will buy anything though won’t they. Remeber when Mullets were cool? No me neither, I’ve blocked it out

  2. I haven’t figured it out, either. I think they look nasty – but then again, I have a thing against wearing dirty looking jeans.

  3. The most amusing example of this style is when it’s been applied to the buttock area of the garment, whihc gives the highly gigglesome appearence of the wearer’s posterior being so bulbous it’s worn the material away.

  4. well the people who wear such garments the majority of the time will never have been in the situation whereby their jeans will reach that condition naturally as they tend to be workshy monkeys.

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