Bowling for Columbine

Just got back from the new movie Bowling for Columbine, which is an excellent documentary about American gun culture by Michael Moore (British readers might make comparison to Mark Thomas, for his comedic yet dramatic and to-the-point journalism). Very good movie – I thoroughly recommend it.

 On a slightly different cinematic note my belief that Portsmouth’s Warner Village cinema is an expensive and over-rated place were furthered today by a notice in their cinema telling punters that car park tickets were only redeemable (ie. your ticket only costs a pound) if the time between parking the car and validating the ticket was less than four hours. This has only appeared very recently, say – since The Two Towers was released – which is 179 minutes long. Add to that the 15-25 minutes minimum for ads and trailers; and the queueing time on the front for such a popular sequel, and you’d be in the cinema for just over four hours. Call me a cynic but isn’t that rather convenient?