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Something tells me not all of the kinks have been worked out of Opera yet. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bug?”

  1. OK – so there are still problems with Opera, but it works 95% of the time.There are also problems with Netscape/Mozilla – neither work particularly well with the http://www.blogger.com site – which is very unfortunate. Having to switch to IE in order to make weblog entries really goes against the grain – so I wish someone would tell the Netscape/Mozilla people to get out there and fix this

  2. Very true. That’s the first bug I’ve seen in the latest release of Opera so I must give it a lot of credit for that – still it’s quite an odd logic bug. A bit like a program that I installed a while ago that declared that it was 200% installedIE actually has a really annoying bug to do with the View Source. Although I have three programs listed as source editors in IE, the edit tool is disabled and clicking View Source does nothing Extremely annoying.I rewrote http://www.svenlatham.com a week or so ago and wanted to try using DIVs instead of tables to create the page. It looks quite different in IE and Opera. Either my code is ‘broken’ or one interprets CSS-2 differently to the other. Admittedly I haven’t spent long looking but if anybody spots an error immediately let me know

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