From Yonder Car Park

In true pointless techie style I am writing this while sat in a car park in Gosport 🙂

The great RSS switch-over has begun. Basically I am rewriting the blog code to output RSS 0.92 and then have another page translate it with XSLT.

One of the most difficult decisions to make was which version and type of feed to use. Netscape, Purl, Userland and the W3C all seem to have come up with versions and the version numbers don’t make sense.

I’m on the Userland thread (0.91, 0,92, and 2.0), choosing the 0.92 variant because it seems well supported, provides enough information to contain what I want (for now), and isn’t overly complicated.

The actual system is almost done, so more news shortly. In the meantime I’d like to say that writing a blog while sat in a car park in Gosport is cumbersome and painfully slow.