Does my Bum look big in this?

A new chapter in the Sven chronicles. After eating too many burgers and suckling on too many Mayonnaise packets for the past few years I’ve grown a healthy beer belly (oh yeah, I drunk beer too). More annoyingly there’s that horrid flab under the chin. So, in an effort to woo the ladehs, and lose some weight I’ve signed up to the local gym! My induction was today and it’s quite good. Had a go on the rowing machines, treadmill, stepping thingy, bikes, etc. and I feel quite good after it, although was a bit worried when at one point my bpm hit 206 – that can’t be good!

At the moment I’m about 90kg (I am 6’1″ though…. 😉 and although I don’t have a particular aim I’ll be interested to see what happens to it. It’ll be good to keep a diary/blog on here as well so I can look back and laugh (or cry) when necessary. Wish me luck!!!

4 thoughts on “Does my Bum look big in this?”

  1. Oi, you don’t look fatEverybody in my flat is currently on a diet, except me. The irony is that (as you know Sven) I am the only one in the flat who actually needs to dietI may do, one day… but that would require leaving the dark windowless-room that is the Surge Office, which won’t happen for some timeMatty

  2. Hey Sven, good luck on the whole ‘get trim for the ladies’ thing. It worked for me. I was in peak condition when I met my wife. But since that day it’s been all downhill. (I’m slowing climbing up again since I’m currently at 15 pounds under my maximum scary weight.) Ciao. (Sorry, bad pun). ~Woodge

  3. You should see him hard at work on the excercise bike, ponytail flapping about. Very sexy :

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