Weight Busting

H’ray. It’s been exactly one month since I started my exercising at Holbrook gym and I’ve just mounted the scales again.

First of all, a correction: I didn’t have scales on 2 May, so a few days later I got some and weighed myself – I was actually 216lb (98kg).

I’m now…. 212lb (96kg).

Yay. I think 🙂 I’m not particularly disappointed though – it’s early days and I’m more interested in losing the waist, which I’m glad to report appears to be working. I’ve been testing this using the not-really-very-scientific method of ‘do I fit in these jeans yet?’. I have a pair of 34″ jeans which are normally a bit tight (odd – other 34″ jeans fit fine), and I’m now wearing them without any problem!