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Pinch punch first of the month. It’s Oct 1 🙂

This month is going to be a good month. Blogwise will be celebrating its first birthday at the end of this month. It’s also extremely likely that this month will see the number of blogs top ten thousand, and the number of page impressions tip 100K. Woo!

3 thoughts on “Post from Blogger API”

  1. What piece of software are you using to make these posts from the Blogger API?

    It’s extremely annoying that they don’t have titles – or rather, all have the same one 🙁 couldn’t you make the first line of the post be the title or something clever 🙂

  2. I’m using w.bloggar normally, although have also tried a few other blogs.

    The Blogger API has an extension that lets you send titles as well – it comes in the post as …. so I should try and parse it out!

  3. ah, fair dos. Last time I used it there was no title thing I don’t think, not that I remember anyway.

    The point is, you should fix it 🙂 It’s quite annoying you know.


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