Handy Hints

Sorry, will compose some literary masterpiece about the awards for Surge shortly (gist is, Nick won Technical Innovation award, me and Nick won Silver for best website!)

Firstly though, spam. Blogging supergenius Woodge notes that some pretty odd names are coming up in spam emails lately. This is true, and got me thinking about spam, the big picture and so on…

So, my thought: what if spam actually became useful? Seriously if they’re going to send out this crap and we’re supposedly unable to stem the flow, the spammers should turn to more friendly ways to attract attention. They should make the email interesting, useful, and still advertise their unsavoury products.

What could they have? Anything from tips, quizzes, puzzles, game hints, trivia, to even recipes. You could just imagine it now:

From: evilspammer@spamcorp.com
To: sven@lovelybloke.net
Subject: Penis spam + handy recipe

Want A Bigger Pen1s?
Gain Up to 3+ Full Inches In Length
100% Safe To Take, With NO Side Effects

Want to make delicious cajun chicken wings as well?
It'll impress the wife almost as much.

  2 1/2 lb Chicken wings
    3/4 c  Plain yoghurt
      2 ts Garlic powder.....

Spammers continue their onslaught of genital-growing advertising, and we get some useful and handy hints along the way. It’s win, win!