Byu Vigara Onlnie

Anybody noticed the sudden surge of emails obviously creating by people with dire spelling skills? “Buy vigara online, pruchase levtia”. Verity Stob shed some light onto it. Apparantly narcoleptics are to blame.

Of course it’s a desperate attempt to thwart those pesky spam filters. Unfortunately for us (or me at least), it appears to be working. The number of spam emails I get has shot up in the last few weeks. While I previously (and naïvely?) relied on spam filters to remove the crap – avoiding the need to employ obscure methods to show my email address to humans only – I’m now having to go back to the good old Delete key. While at the moment it’s manageable (only 50 unfiltered spam emails a day is ‘fine’), one can only imagine how much the traffic will escalate in coming months and years. Whoever figures out a complete solution for the utter riddance of these damned emails will be a very popular person.

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