Blogtalk Conference

I’m thinking of going to the Blogtalk conference in Vienna in July.

Not only am I thinking of going, I’m thinking of submitting a paper. Something about Blogwise and my pushing for metadata support in blogs I think.

In most ways, I’d love for the paper to be accepted. It’d be an amazing experience, a great way to meet people, and a very cool and impressive stamp on my CV. However, I am incredibly nervous about it too, although I’ve been told I do public speaking (in lectures) very well and don’t look nervous. I think they were just being nice…

Whether my paper gets accepted or not, I think I’m going to go. It’ll be a fab time. However, I have no idea how to book a flight, what ‘things’ I need to do, get and be aware of (air tax, insurance, etc.) – this’d be my first time on a plane, as well as my first time abroad!

Anyway, it’s in July. I better book soon. The cheap airport booking services are already showing full planes (or I’m misinterpreting them), and I imagine hotels in Vienna are quite hard to get.

The other problem is the price. The conference itself is a great price, but flights are 150 UKP and up (about $250?) from Southampton, and travelling to Gatwick is hardly worth the reduced price.