GMail Haiku competition

So everybody seems to be giving away GMail accounts lately (those who have one can invite a limited number of friends), and since I’m a GMail user with very few friends* I thought I’d give some away.

At the moment I have two invites to dish out, so you need to do something special to attract my attention. Something with skill. Something that shows you really really want that invite.

…I want you to write me a haiku. A haiku about Google and GMail no less. Leave it in the comments field and the best two I receive by Sunday will get my invites. If you don’t know what a haiku is, have a look here. Or, see my awful example:

“Gmail is so great
Now my inbox is so large
To fit more spam in”

You can do better! Leave your masterpieces in the comments. You can enter multiple times, so go knock yourselves out.

*By ‘very few friends’ I mean very few who don’t already have GMail accounts — of course….