Notes from Vienna Part One

05/07/2004 00:00 — Well, I’m here. First time in a foreign country and I have to say “I like it here”. The language barrier is a slight problem – I gave up trying to get on the underground when I couldn’t figure out where to buy a ticket. But I am the foreigner and it’s my responsibility to learn German. Unfortunately I’m not learning as well or as quickly as I’d like. Communications with the taxi driver was quite difficult. “Der Hotel Karntnerhof bitte” got a bemused look and an ‘eh’? Fortunately we both spoke a little French, so the trip wasn’t completely silent. It was also 5€ …. try getting that sort of price in central London!

Congratulations to Greece (Griechenland here) by the way. The pilot of the plane kept us up-to-date on the score. Amazing stuff.

Right more tomorrow – it’s time for bed! Up at 6am and hopefully I can find an open wifi connection to post this stuff.