It all equates in the end

This week has been a mixed bag of stuff. Here’s a summary for your general perusal:

Plus: Went to Blogtalk conference at the beginning of this week. Was good and v. interesting.
Minus: Everybody already knew each other. It was difficult to get into existing social circles.
Plus: It was the first time I’d been abroad.
Minus: It cost a small fortune.
Plus: I had my hair cut this time last week (quite long to very short). Feel very much refreshed.
Minus: Have lots of hair products I no longer have a use for.
Plus: Went to a very good meeting in London Friday for ICRA which is looking very promising.
Minus: Ever tried getting to London at 9am on a weekday? Costs a bundle and is very tiring.
Plus: Have made many progresses with Blogwise, including finally fixing the Top 50 pages.
Minus: Accidentally deleted the keywords database, and am relying on Google cache to pick up half the data.
Plus: I wrote a very quick, but fully working PHP to rip data from Google.
Minus: I think they just noticed.
Plus: I’m starting work full time tomorrow.
Minus: I’m starting work full time tomorrow.

More soon!