MSN Flakiness

At work we are all mobile employees. I often work from home near Portsmouth, and stay in contact with colleagues and customers via the Internet. Skype is bloody brilliant, frankly. I know the technology isn’t new, but it’s the simplest Voice over IP tool I’ve used so far, and the quality is great.

We also use MSN Messenger, but very recently I’ve noticed an appalling drop in its reliability. Lines of chat are regularly lost, and its only when one of the participants repeats a question (looking for an answer) or when the conversation seems disjointed that a loss is apparant. I reckon a few lines per session are lost. Maybe 3-5% in total.

That’s enough to cause confusion and demand tedious re-interation of conversation, and is likely to result in our using another IM service if this continues. I don’t quite understand why lines of text appear to be lost, nor why it has only started happening recently. Is anybody else getting this?

3 thoughts on “MSN Flakiness”

  1. I’ve noticed occasional flakiness too. Usually in the form of being signed out at random intervals. But then that could be the proxy server I’m behind.

  2. Some people treat MSN as just what it is- an instant messenger, and close the window after a line is recieved, don’t keep the window open for the whole conversation.

    You used to be able to check if somebody had your window to them open by going into
    “add person to this conversation”, and if they were listed, they had closed the window 🙂

    This feature is gone now, i think, but usually if a message i had typed came back with an error, it used to be because people were reading a line, then closing the window, not realising they could miss the next line. If the next line came just after or before the window is closed, it’d come back with an error.

    I do it, too, i really have too many windows open these days…..

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