6 thoughts on “Ask Jeeves”

  1. Being an American, I don’t get the joke about geography. All I can figure is that maybe Leeds is not on the ocean?

  2. I’m hoping they do well to some degree because I own stock in them (due to them buying iWon.com [aka The Excite Network, aka Focus Interactive, aka Interactive Search]) and would love it if the price kept going up and up and up!

    I believe it was around 39 when they first bought iWon and it dropped to just under 24. Now it’s coming back up and as of yesterday was at 33 or so.


    You should add a Remember Me checkbox for comments…

  3. They’re looking good at the moment. I used to use Ask all the time but got fed up with the tedious results page (it was a drop down menu of some kind wasn’t it?). Thankfully the entire site is a lot better now.

    And yes, I should add a checkbox. Technical reason is that the Submit button goes off to a different domain, so I lose the ability to set cookies. I’d either have to have a proxy comment script on this domain or use Javascript. The former is more likely I think.

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