Radio Gaga

Since I spend most of may days in front of a broadband-connected PC (something I’m becoming less and less proud of), I often can be found with Winamp running listening to my favourite stations.

Of the regular top ten at Shoutcast, Radio Paradise (listen) is my favourite. A great selection of music across genres, well-chosen and always a pleasure to listen to. I’ve yet to hear a single song on Radio Paradise I dislike.

Frequence3 (listen) is a French station. Much more modern than RP, but plays the more sensible chart songs from around the world (including quite a few French songs too, quelle surprise there).

Hitzradio (listen) is even more chart-focused, although it would be better if they didn’t play Destiny’s Child.

And of course I can’t avoid adding SURGE¬†(listen), me ol’¬†station, to the list!