Comment Spam on Blogwise

Grrr. A while ago I started getting comment spam on Blogwise – the review section where visitors can put up descriptions about blogs gets quite a few spam posts daily. All sorts of websites are advertised, and it’s rather annoying (although thankfully they’re not in any unmanageable quantity).

Changing the field names for the reply form this week appears to have done nothing to stem the flow. Within a day I’d gotten more spam. Essentially what I’d done was change the name field to something like wiejfoijweoij3903, and similarly renamed the comment field. To no avail; they still come. I have, however, removed the ‘website’ field and disabled direct linking in the comments form. The pages on which comments appear are also labeled with a NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW directive for Google. Those bastards aren’t getting any pagerank or clickthroughs from me.

Can’t remember where I saw it, but a while ago somebody suggested an ‘endorsed’ attribute tacked onto <a> tags – that’d be neat. The principle being that only tags with that attribute set would affect the Pagerank of the destination page. How long before that’d be circumvented though?