Technology preview (I think)

The Last updated list should do two things:
1/ Change the ‘Last updated’ time in real time. If the time since a blog was updated switches from 1 minute ago to 2 minutes ago (for example), then the page should update in real time to reflect this. Blogs less than a minute ago should say ‘Just now’

2/ Any new blogs that are updated should appear at the top of the page, with older updated slowly moving downwards then eventually disappearing. Bear in mind this will only work when the update system is, which at the moment can be a bit flaky

I need to know as much info as possible about which browsers this works on so:
– Can you tell me which of these (both, either, neither) happens for you.
– Which browser you’re using
– Whether you like it or not 

Originally posted on the reviewers’ forums but posted here too for blog readers’ feedback 🙂