After whetting my appetite last year with my first trip abroad, I’m now looking for more excuses to travel. The real biggie comes in November, when I will be travelling with a friend to New York, Philadelphia and Chicago over 11 days. After that, I’m hoping to go to Cork for three days between November and December, and will hopefully be hopping over to France or Belgium to get some Christmas-y goodies.

And why not, eh? Life’s too short to work all the time and after six years of pretty-much non-stop working I deserve some kind of holiday.

Canon EOS 350D

I’m particularly keen to get more into photography. The Canon A80 has served me well, but it’s time to move onto something a bit more ‘professional’. Little things that I would’ve been blissfully unaware of in my ignorance are now starting to bother me. Slow auto-focus. Sensitivity to noise. Limiting aperture and shutter speed are all bothering me as I test the camera in more adventurous ways. So, I’m now looking to upgrade. The Canon EOS 350D is prime candidate, and I’m already pretty much sold on it.. I’ve found a nice local supplier (would prefer this to buying online), and next week I’ll check it out. Hopefully I can finally make good use of that Flickr account that lays fairly dormant at the moment.

In the meantime, I’m preparing for America. Tickets are booked and passports at the ready. It should be a good month.