London Geek Dinner

Right, over a day since I got back from the London Geek Dinner and I figured I ought to write something about it.

The event was interesting, enjoyable and useful. It was held at the Texas Embassy just off Trafalgar Square – a regular meeting place for these geek dinners, apparantly, and I can see why. They have cracking food and I’m told the margueritas are excellent (unfortunately, yours truly was driving…)

As a networking event it was useful to get around and meet people. This is one of my first such events, and I’m still to overcome the whole approach strangers thing. Despite that I managed to meet some pretty interesting people, including:

Definitely worthwhile – it looks like there’ll be a smaller one for Sussex people (I’mSussex-ish)in Uckfield in January – I’m already on the list there and it should be another useful and interesting time.

I didn’t take a camera, but loads of photos can be had at Flickrincluding ego-feeding photos here and here from Andrew and Jen respectively – thanks!

One thought on “London Geek Dinner”

  1. Hi Sven! It was great to meet you at the dinner. (That Andrew takes a good photo doesn’t he!)

    I went straight to Blogwise the next morning to see if I’d signed up in the past and found I hadn’t! I’m in the queue now though… 🙂

    Hope to meet up with you at another Geek Dinner.
    jEN (

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