Full content feeds

Owing to popular demand (one person), the RSS feed is now full-text. Formatting is still a bit iffy, but for the most part it works OK.

I’m still undecided about the whole full-text versus partial feeds thing. On a non-profit site like this I don’t really mind how you read my blog, but for an advert-supported blog/service it’s a whole load of money they’re missing out on if people don’t visit the site (and/or deny ads in RSS feeds).

Still, it’s there now. Let me know how it works out.


One thought on “Full content feeds”

  1. Thanks dude.

    As for your concerns – it’s not like you have the full-text RSS you *never* visit the site. You’d end up visiting again I’m sure. But if there wasn’t a full-text, then the RSS isn’t worth subscribing to and so it wouldn’t even be in the list, and would get forgotten about.

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