Photo Journal

All quiet in the city of trams and open-air urinals, so a few photos for you (none of open-air urinals):

Storm cloud coming over the city of Den Haag.

Top Gear on BBC World. What a hideous disappointment this was. An hour long show in the UK cut down to less than thirty minutes (BBC World has ads too). They just showed the Renault Espace video (where they make it convertible) and a bit of Richard demoing a bright pink car. Still, it made a Sunday night slightly more interesting.

Similar view as earlier, only with more sunshine. The weather for the last two weeks has basically featured sun – lots of it. Forecast is back in the 30s for this weekend.

My hotel room at the Noordzee hotel. Nice place with lots of Heineken.

The beach at Scheveningen. At some point soon I’ll jump in the water. It’s calling out my name!

Move into the flat on Monday, which’ll be nice. It’s not that far from the beach, but nice and close to the shopping and cinema place too. It’s also right opposite the tram station. So — from Monday I should have permanent Internet access.

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