Why oh why do I need to login with Yahoo! every time I visit (sometimes twice). It’s the single most annoying thing on Flickr (and, by definition, at Yahoo! too).

In theory it’s a great idea, for people who move around a lot between public computers. However, I’m finding it increasingly frustrating when publishing to Flickr – having to deal with a bloody great password dialog every time really disrupts the flow of things.

Why can’t they add a ‘Remember Me’ checkbox – something for people who don’t share their computer. This really makes me regret merging my Yahoo! and Flickr accounts.

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3 thoughts on “Flickr”

  1. Hmmm, that’s weird – Flickr remembers me between sessions when I log on via Yahoo!. Are you sure you’re not blocking cookies?

  2. Hmm, that’s interesting. Had a thought: How often do you log in? I do so every couple of days — Yahoo! has a 24 hour ‘limit’ so it may be that logging in frequently enough (ie. once a day at least) just sustains the cookie.

    Maybe I should use Flickr more often!

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