I’ve been using OpenDNS for roughly a month now. Found it on the net just at the point I was having problems with the DNS of my ISP. It’s a simple enough proposition – use their DNS service and reap the benefits of smart, fast global domain resolution.

It does bits and pieces like typo correction and searching (think Verisign) – only this you can disable! It also has a pretty great phishing detector – nice idea!

Anyway, just to show how reliable this system is I’d completely forgotten all about it until I mistyped a domain name today, got the OpenDNS page and remembered I’d been using it al this time. The service is so reliable and quick on a fairly fundamental function that I completely forgot about it – that’s a good thing!

Looks like they’re continuing to find success as well – 2.4 billion requests at the moment and rising sharply.

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One thought on “OpenDNS”

  1. Sven, we are seeing nice growth, thanks to customers like you. Glad we’ve been invisible (in all the right ways) for the last month. Appreciate you telling the world, too.

    We’ve been slowed in getting our London location live (which I’ll blog about on our site a bit later today). That should speed things up a bit more for you when it comes online.


    John Roberts

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