I’ve been using OpenDNS for roughly a month now. Found it on the net just at the point I was having problems with the DNS of my ISP. It’s a simple enough proposition – use their DNS service and reap the benefits of smart, fast global domain resolution.

It does bits and pieces like typo correction and searching (think Verisign) – only this you can disable! It also has a pretty great phishing detector – nice idea!

Anyway, just to show how reliable this system is I’d completely forgotten all about it until I mistyped a domain name today, got the OpenDNS page and remembered I’d been using it al this time. The service is so reliable and quick on a fairly fundamental function that I completely forgot about it – that’s a good thing!

Looks like they’re continuing to find success as well – 2.4 billion requests at the moment and rising sharply.

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