Flickr Wish

I have a single wish item on Flickr (of course it’s otherwise perfect….).

When exploring tags, you often get a whole load of pictures from the same person. If they’re trigger happy, that means browsing through tens or hundreds of photos by the same photographer who happened to bulk upload their snaps.

Example? Today I went looking through the photos of Scheveningen. One user, patndrepics has posted what must be at least 100 pictures of the fireworks on the beach. It’s not their fault, since uploading your photos is precisely what you’re supposed to do! But for the casual browser who might not be interested in seeing more than a couple of similar pics this is tedious.

What’s needed perhaps is a ‘skip user’ option, that ignores the user’s photos from the browsing list temporarily.

Or, if you want to be smart about it, only show the latest two or three photos max from each user for that tag. With a ‘see more from this user…’ option.

Flickr is incredibly open (in the “you don’t like it, why not write your own interface?” sense), so I might have a go.

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