Annoyance is…

…when you get a text message at 2am from Vodafone telling you your phone has just switched to Orange Netherlands and all kinds of bad things will happen if you stay on this network.

And another text a few minutes later welcoming you (back) to Vodafone Netherlands, where it is sunny, with flowers, birds sweetly chirping, and calls that are very slightly less extortionate.

I have my phone switched on overnight because I use it as an alarm clock, if you’re wondering.

I asked one of the call staff at Vodafone if it’s possible to turn these things off (they would be near the top of my annoyances list, if I had one). She said “oh no, we can’t turn them off”. They’re to warn people who think calling from abroad will be nice and cheap, but if you ever travel into Belgium on Eurostar (for instance) where your phone switches between networks all the time, you soon learn to hate them.

BTW I’m assuming Vodafone NL’s network went down momentarily last night, because the phone certainly didn’t move and it normally gets a decent signal.