Google Reader Next Button

While we’re on the Google Reader subject. On the ‘Goodies’ tab (click Settings in Google Reader) you can now add the ‘Next’ bookmark.

Every time you click the bookmark you are taken to the next unread item in your browser, in its original context. So, for example, if you subscribe to a bunch of blogs, you’ll be taken to the new posts within the blogs themselves. This is an alternative to the “traditional” reading of feeds in aggregators, and was one of the lame complaints about aggregators I originally cited to Scoble ;-P

It means you don’t even need to load Google Reader into your browser before reading articles, which definitely scores points on my aggregator checksheet for speediness. It also means you can see an up-to-date list of comments and -if they’re your thing- trackbacks. Of course, you do have the page loading times, DNS, etc. to add on.

It’s going to be a preference thing, and the best way I can explore it is to load it up and give it the test of a few days.

Further down on the Goodies page you also have the Subscribe bookmark, which lets you subscribe to the current page in Google reader (assuming it has a feed). Firefox, IE7 and Opera (I think/am sure) all do this now, but it’s always handy to have.

I have another post brewing about all of this [sighs of restlessness from the back seats] but it’s taking a few days to brew. You could always subscribe to this blog in the meantime 😉