Trent Weir

Thankfully the Trent crossing reopened last night at about 9.30 so with the last ounces of daylight we went for it. Calls of ‘good luck’ from the remaining moored boats were very nice but slightly off-putting; what were we letting ourselves in for?

As we drove past the weir we kept well right. The pull was still strong and it was tough to keep steady but we made it past – a definite adrenalin rush. As we passed the inflow of water upstream it was easier (wider inflow so not as great a flow) but we certainly felt the boat shift as we turned (it’s on a bend).

The engine was lovely (upwards of 3000rpm to keep a steady forward pace) and the boat and its contents are intact 🙂

Because of the downstream queue we had to go through two locks before finding a large enough mooring, but found a quiet spot as night came down on us.

This morning we left about 7.15 for an early start but quickly got caught up in queues on the locks. We’ve just hit a 7 or 8 mile flat bit so making good time, and hope to be on the Four Counties ring by early evening.