Heroes Season 1 is released in the US on August 28. It will cost $38.99 plus shipping at Amazon.com. For those of us who eat Roast Beef and drink tea all day, that’s just shy of twenty quid.

For that you’ll get 7 discs containing some 1035 minutes of footage.

Skip to the UK, where they’re releasing Heroes in two parts. Amazon.co.uk appear to be selling Part One (four discs, 11 episodes of 23) for £41.98. That immediately strikes me as a bad deal! Curiously Amazon don’t seem to list the second part at all.

Play, being the realm of slightly more reasonable pricing (yay Channel Islands) and less complicated websites, are offering Part One for £26.99 delivered (available in October). Part Two in December will cost £26.99 delivered too – that’s £53.98 for both, and two & a half times what the Americans will be paying.

Fortunately for you and I, Play will sell you the complete box set in December for ‘just’ £41.99 – still over double the price across the pond.

Back to Amazon, whose listing for Part One is due to be released on 10 December too (which is when Part Two and the box set are out at Play) so… confusion abounds. I can only assume (but don’t go out and buy stuff on this assumption) that Amazon’s listing is in fact for the box set, but trying to make sense of their appalling over-burdened and messy pages is futile at best (wasn’t there a time years ago when Amazon was applauded for its web design?)

Naturally, Amazon’s customer comments box and other DVD news sites read like a slagging match:

” Unforgivable profiteering” “Import it now and give Universal Studios a 2 finger salute!!” ” Wow, you guys got F**KED on your R2 release” “Thats officially me boycotting the Heroes DVD then.”