DVD Release in Europe – Help

Can somebody offer some guidance on this? I have noticed that DVD Box sets of series 4-6 of Gilmore Girls have been released in continental Europe, but not in the UK. Since I tend to travel into Europe once every six weeks or so, I’d quite like to pick them up. For example, the European release of season 4 was well over a year ago, but it’s still to show itself in the UK.

Is there any particular reason why I shouldn’t get these from France/the Netherlands if I see them?

I’m guessing they’ll be Region 2? Will they be in PAL or some other format (is it SECAM in France?) Am I likely to have to pay huge amounts of tax on the way back (if I have a shopping bag full of DVDs will that even arouse suspicion?)

Of course, I’ll check they even have the English language on them 😉 although I vaguely remember the Netherlands broadcast of Gilmore Girls was in English with subtitles.