DVD Release in Europe – Help

Can somebody offer some guidance on this? I have noticed that DVD Box sets of series 4-6 of Gilmore Girls have been released in continental Europe, but not in the UK. Since I tend to travel into Europe once every six weeks or so, I’d quite like to pick them up. For example, the European release of season 4 was well over a year ago, but it’s still to show itself in the UK.

Is there any particular reason why I shouldn’t get these from France/the Netherlands if I see them?

I’m guessing they’ll be Region 2? Will they be in PAL or some other format (is it SECAM in France?) Am I likely to have to pay huge amounts of tax on the way back (if I have a shopping bag full of DVDs will that even arouse suspicion?)

Of course, I’ll check they even have the English language on them 😉 although I vaguely remember the Netherlands broadcast of Gilmore Girls was in English with subtitles.

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  1. Hi Sven,
    The dvds are listed on AMAZON.FR as being in PAL and Region 2.

    DVDs in Europe tend to have several languages on them. Usually the original English (Anglais) is included as well as French. The Dutch tend to have subtitles. It should say the languages included at the back of the dvd box.

    You shouldn’t have to pay any tax on the way back. Europe is a free trade zone.

  2. Ah cool cheers. I saw Season 4 in a shop in Paris but it was
    second hand, utterly battered and I didn’t want to take my chances with the DVDs inside.

    I’ll try and get sommat from Amazon.fr then, or failing that I’ll grab them next time I’m in the Netherlands.

  3. Yeah I got a book on amazon.fr once. No probs with delivery. Managed to get though all the screens with my pidgeon French!

    Too bad they dont say if your DVD has Anglais on it, guess the only way of telling is to look at a box in a shop over there.

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