Why I Like Play.com

This just happened:

  • I saw a review of a book. It looked interesting, cheap and I wanted it.
  • I went to play.com and searched for the book
  • Checked it was what I was looking for. It was.
  • Ordered the book. Play remembered my credit card. My browser remembered my login details.
  • In a few days time it’ll appear, carried by my postman. No fuss. No waiting around. It’ll most likely come through the door*.

The more I use Play the more I like it – it’s simple, straightforward and gets the job done. It took less than one minute to buy the thing. Amazon sucks – it’s far too complicated. The pages are awfully noisy and getting what I want (an order) becomes a hassle.
* Occassionally, Play request a signature. Of the 20 or so books and DVDs I’ve ordered on there, that’s the first. and it only happens for orders of 25 quid or more.