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  1. I expect that comes from their work with Virtual PC 2007, which can also mount ISOs (that way you can run your classic Windows games on Vista without even having to put in a CD – not that you would be too interested! Unfortunately, copy-protection measures seem to stop some games from working this way.)

  2. An even better way to use ISO is a free product called Daemon Tools. This creates a virtual CD drive and allows you to mount iso files and much more – check it out at http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/. If you can find it – I’d stick with version 3.47 – it’s old but works fine with XP.

  3. I’ve used Daemon Tools in the past, and went to use it again the other day, but a quick check on Google suggested it now come with some dubious ‘extras’ – granted they can supposedly be turned off. I guess this is why you suggest digging out an older version.

    The appeal of the Windows Virtual CD tool is that it’s very simple, straightforward and comes with a great deal of credibility. If you’re mounting ISOs I can’t see why you’d need much more, but for other formats (Nero’s always seems to be second place?) I can agree that Daemon Tools seemed to fit the bill, at least the last time I used it.

  4. Robert – you have enough processor and memory left after running Vista to be able to support a Virtual PC as well? 😛

    Never tried it, but I can’t picture ISO mounting to be hugely difficult. Surely it’s just a case of wrapping a driver around a random-access binary file, if the file is a 1-1 copy of the disc? Maybe somebody with more experience can shed some light.

    Also, just remembered bin/cue files – they’ll probably be second place, not Nero!

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