Facebook finally sends proper emails


Facebook are now apparently sending out the full text of emails to its users. Remember my sarky little post about it back in August? I’m one happy bunny now 🙂
“Suddenly, Facebook messages are actually forwarded to my outside email address, letting me read it and decide if it’s important enough to click on to Facebook and respond”

Facebook seriouly screwed with my email workflow – I’ve been trying to get into routines to manage email, and having to jump through hoops (ie. login/open a browser – particularly difficult on a mobile device) was a serious irritatation.

Anyway, if all this is working as email should there’ll be no more worries.

Funnily enough, as a pre-authentication system of sorts Facebook has the potential to be a fantastic email system – roughly speaking, you have an instant whitelist of fairly trustworthy origin. Much better than regular ol’ email. I would like to write about this separately

Original link from Marc Canter